Monday, September 11, 2006

Extracting Attribute Information into a Table

I realize to some people dealing with attributes may be a little out-dated. For those of you who are using them I have thrown this together. This is based off of ABS 2007.

To extract attribute information from an entire drawing and drop it into a table:
Make sure you have saved your drawing first.
Go to modelspace.
Set current layer to “0”.
Make sure you have all the blocks with attributes already in your drawing.
Type “eattext” at the command prompt.
An “Attribute Extraction” pop-up will appear.
There will be 6 steps to this process.
Click on “Create table or external file from scratch”
Click “Next”.
If you are wanting the count on the whole drawing click on “current drawing”.
Verify that the drawing name under “drawing files” is the one you are working in.
Click on the “Additional settings” button.
Verify that the “include nested blocks” and “include blocks in xrefs” are checked.
Verify that the “include all blocks from entire drawing” is selected.
Click “OK”.
Click “Next”.
You can edit the displayed text by click under the “display name” column and edit what the table will output.
Click “Next”.
It will preview the information that it will show. If you do not like it hit the “Back” button and edit it again.
You can click on “Full preview” to see it as it will appear in your drawing.
Make sure under the “Extract attribute data to” section “AutoCAD table” is checked.
Click “Next”.
You can enter in a title for this table if desired.
Now you can choose the table style you want. Select the table style you have previously set up for this.
Make sure “Display tray notification when data needs refreshing” is checked.
Click “Next”.
Click “Finish”.
It will warn you “Any manual edits you make to an attribute extraction table will be lost when you refresh the data in this table”. Click on “Yes”.
Click somewhere in your drawing to place the table.
For my particular table style the table comes in 1:1, therefore some scaling may be required.
If your drawing is 1/8” = 1’-0” scale you will need to scale up this table.
Click once on the table to select it.
Type “Scale”.
Choose the base point, enter in 96 for an 1/8”= 1’-0” drawing.
Now move your table around as desired.
Select the table and change the layer it is on to the desired layer (I have a layer I place all of my schedules on)
Now you can print out this schedule if needed, if not place it off to the side in your drawing.
If a pop-up balloon notification shows up stating your tables need to be updated this is due to attributes having been changed, removed, or added.
If this happens, click on the blue “Refresh table data” text inside the balloon.
You will get a pop up warning that any manual changes you made will be lost.
Click “Update”.
Your schedules will be scaled back down to their original insertion scale.
You will need to re-scale them back up as required for your drawing.

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