Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Object Enabler

As I continue trying to get ABS 2007 and ADT 2007 to work together there are odd things that pop up. Here is one of them. Apparently, even though we are working on the same versions of the program we still have to have the object enablers in order for the ADT side to see the ABS components.

I have found that the links are not that easy to locate. So, here's a link to help everyone out!

If you are running ADT 2007 you will want to install this first: (ADT2007OE.exe)

Then install this next: (abs2007oe.exe)

If you install the abs2007oe.exe without the ADT2007OE.exe things still will not show up. You probably will not see any of the ABS objects unless you have your "proxygraphics" set to "1". If the "proxygraphics" are set to "1" you will see the ABS objects, but they are flattened.

Hope this helps!

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