Wednesday, January 17, 2007

MvPart: Modifying Layer Keys in Content Builder

In honor of attempting to help you all keep your New Year's resolution of continuing education
here is the next tid-bit I have to offer up to you all. Ah, the joys of MvParts. It's a never ending pool of discovery...enjoy!

MvPart: Modifying the Layer Keys in Content Builder:
Once you have the views modified the way you want them you may want to modify the layer keys that the blocks are set to.
This must be done in the Content Builder.
Open a blank drawing based off of your template, make sure you have the desired layer key loaded in this drawing.
Make sure you are in modelspace.
Make sure you have Regenerated the Catalog first.
Go to the CAD Manager/Content Editing/Content Builder/Part Catalog and choose Multi-view Part.
Catalog path: ...\enu\Aecb Catalogs\MvParts US Imperial\Mechanical\Mechanical\All
Installed MvParts US Imperial.apc
Surf down: All Installed MvParts US Imperial/Mechanical/Air Terminals/Diffusers
Select the one you want to work on.
Then click on the "modify part size" button that is on the right hand side, approximately the 5th one down.
In the layer key area click on the ellipse "…" button.
Select your layer key; the layer key used is the one associated w/ your open drawing.
NOTE: You can not type in layer keys, you have to select one.
Click "ok" to exit this window.
Click "ok" to exit out of the Content Builder.
You will have to regenerate the catalog (m = mvpart) after making these changes.
In order for everyone to see your changes both you and everyone else will have to exit out of ABS completely.
Then open ABS back up and they should be able to view your changes.

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