Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Duct Transition Not Hiding Duct Underneath

I have had quite the laundry list of items come up recently. One of them concerned duct transitions and how they were or were not hiding duct running underneath them. This is only for ductwork that is running horizontal in the top view. If you have a rect to rect or round to round transition (concentric or eccentric) and you have a duct running underneath it, the duct underneath will not hide. If you rotate it all 90 degrees it will appear hidden. If you have round to rect, oval to rect, or oval to oval it will appear hidden as well. Here is a screenshot.

(This is the first time I have posted any pics on my blog. Hopefully it'll turn out ok. :)
Autodesk told me this is a known issue and it is fixed in MEP 2008. I do not believe we will be switching to 08 in the near future so my people need a solution for what is going on right now. Autodesk suggested exploding the transition and the duct running underneath and drawing in the required hidden lines....I'm not a fan of that idea. What I have told my people to do for the time being (other than just try to avoid this situation all together) is to use the "break" command on the duct running underneath and draw in some hidden lines where they need to appear in the transition area.

I just wanted to make others aware of this incase they run into it.

Good luck!

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