Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AU 2007 Early Enrollment Open for AUGI Members

For those of you interested, the early enrollment for AU 2007 for AUGI members opened this morning.

As I previously mentioned, you need to have an Autodesk user's login created.
If you don't it will ask you to do so at some point. (not sure when since I already had mine created)
Click on "AU 2007" at the top left hand side.
On the far right hand side there will be a button to "Register now" for AU.
Click on it.
You'll go through and do the registering for the actual event and hotel and then you will set up your classes. I discovered that I had to log out then log back in in order to access the class scheduler. B/t/w typically I have found you need to click on "lost password" and have them send you a new one at this point and log in w/ it, unless you want to wait quite awhile for some sort of confirmation email. (that's the only shortcut I've found).

The website is being bombarded. Be patient. Hit refresh OFTEN. There is no other way to register for this event. I even called the Autodesk University's help number: 1-888-371-1722 (8a-5p Pacific Time) to ask if there was another way. Nope. Just be patient. I do suggest you get signed up today if you can. The labs fill up fast!

Good luck and I hope everyone has a great time!

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