Monday, June 08, 2009

Pipe Rise/Drop Black Outline Fix

Pipe Drops/Rises Symbol Color Fix/Remove Black Outline Issue:
NOTE: Fix this on the background dwgs and the dwgs you will xref it into.
Command line: "Insert"
Scroll down to "Aecb_Other_Rnd_2Line_PipeBreak_Rise"
(This is the symbol that we are set to that is giving us issues)
Insert it at any location, keep the scale at 1:1:1.
Double click on it and edit the block.
Select the entire symbol.
Go to the Properties palette.
Under "General", under "Color"
Change it to "ByBlock".
Then unselect everything.
Click on "Save changes" on the "Refedit" toolbar.
Click "Ok" to save changes.
Now erase the "Aecb_Other_Rnd_2Line_PipeBreak_Rise" block.
If you zoom out you will see that all of your drops have been fixed.

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