Monday, September 14, 2009

Wipeout Blocks

It's been a bit.
Thought I might post a couple tid bits on wipeout blocks for ya.

Wipeout Block:

When working on wipeout blocks you need to be very aware of draw order.
If you do not set your draw order correctly they will not do what you want them to do.
Draw a closed polyline.
Type "wipeout" at the command line.
At the command line type "p" for polyline.
It will then ask you to "select a closed polyline".
Click on the closed polyline you created.
It will then ask "Erase polyline" choose "yes".
Immediately it has been converted to a wipeout block.
You will most likely need to manipulate the draw order of things for it to hide properly.
Also you will want to double check this when you get into and out of the drawing.
You can place wipeout blocks into an xref and they will work through that.
Again, you will need to watch the display order in order for them to work correctly.

Wipeout Block Frames:

If you want to completely hide the frame that is around the wipeout block this is the process you will need to use.
Keep in mind if you turn off the frame you will not be able to move/select/edit it.
When you run this command it will manipulate all the wipeout blocks on the drawing (and xref'ed into the drawing).
Type "wipeout" at the command line.
Type "F" for frames.
To turn them off type "off".
To turn them back on type "on".
It will blink and process the entire drawing.
This could take a bit of time.

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