Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Wow, Long Time No Post, eh?

Yeah, that's what I said!
I have not given up on my blog...it's just so hard to post these days.
As a progress report, we are shifting into Revit - MEP 2011.
I'm excited and challenged.
There is a possibility that we may update our ABS 07 to A-MEP 2011, but that is purely speculation (and hope) at this time.

So I debate about posting items here for both R-MEP and A-MEP.

What do you all think?

{ Or does anyone read this any more? }


Todd M. Shackelford said...

On to the future Abbieanteddl, let's hear about Revit!

Rita said...

how did u get your cursor to be like that? thats so cool!

Ab said...

Rita: the cursor used to flash through all the colors...now I'm not so sure that it works here. Hopefully on other browsers it does. It's a little piece of code I got from rainbow.arch.scriptmania.com/css/custom_cursors.html

Feel free to look them up! :)