Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Populating a Space Schedule via Lookup Info from an Excel Spreadsheet

I have been struggling with wanting to take a Room parameter from the Arch's model and have it populate in our Space schedule to a corresponding parameter. Currently in 2013 there is no direct route. However, I believe I have found a workable solution for us.

I am posting this solution so that perhaps some of you will find it helpful for things that you are trying to do as well.
This is based off of having the Subscription tools from Imaginit. They have a newer version out for R-MEP 2014 that will eliminate some of the need for the activity I have listed below b/c you will be able to pass some user parameters from the Arch's Rooms to Mech's Spaces with the updated tool. You can go here to investigate that further: http://www.imaginit.com/software-solutions/building-architecture/imaginit-utilities-for-revit

Initially I looked into Schedule Keys, but this was not the easiest way for me....however, I would like to point out that that is a very plausible solution for other things, so you all might keep that in mind when you are wanting to send information back and forth.

I used a small example project that I threw together that was only 7 rooms big.
This will obviously be more cumbersome with larger projects.
I am hoping to find a smoother way to do this, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

**This will *NOT* automatically update when the spreadsheet is changed. You will have to go through this process all again.
If the room names/numbers/codes in the Arch’s model changes, you must go through all of this process again to update everything.
I have a Space parameter called “Room Code Manual” inside the Space, it will NOT automatically update when the Arch’s Room Code updates, you must go through all of this process again to update everything again.
Watch the cell formatting, it didn't want me to bring in "+" or "EX" values on the PRESS columns, it had to be a numeric value.
When copying from the Referencing spreadsheet and pasting it into the Space worksheet make sure you paste it in as Paste Special/Values, and then click on the “!” and convert it to Numeric.
Another note: if you happened to copy/paste info down below the info on the Space Excel sheet make sure you Deleted the info along with Clearing Cell contents and deleting those rows/columns...otherwise you will get an error when you try to bring that back into Revit.
0) Reload the Arch’s Link in your model.
1) Create a Room Schedule that has the Room Name, Room Number, and Room Code (this is the parameter that we
       will use to pass back into the Space's Room Code Manual parameter) from the Arch's model.
        Make sure the schedule linked files check box is selected
2) R/Export that room schedule
3) Open that room schedule in Excel
4) Use the desired reference worksheet you have already set up in Excel that does the look up information to
      another tab in the worksheet, I copy paste the info from the Room Schedule I exported into this worksheet 
      “Room Schedule” tab, it will then populate a bunch of columns
5) Use the Imaginit Tool to Create an Export template for a Space that includes the desired items such as:
        The Room Code Manual is intended to bring back the Room code from the Arch's model, you will copy/paste that from the Room Schedule you exported earlier. Choose the desired parameters. Always include Element ID so Revit can track the items it is sending back and forth.

6) Export the Project Data from that Space Template you made in the Imaginit tool
7) Open up the Info that it exported in Excel
8) Copy/Paste into the Space worksheet the info you gathered from the worksheet you used the Room Schedule on
9) Save the Space worksheet
10) Imaginit/Excel/Import Project Data with that Space info

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