Thursday, October 19, 2006

Exporting a Schedule to Excel (or Word)

So now that you have your schedules set-up and working great in your drawings you would like to export them to Excel or Word to do further calculations or write-ups for the project. Enjoy!

To Export a Schedule to Excel or Word:
Select the desired schedule by clicking once on it.
Right click.
Choose "export".
A pop-up window will appear.
Under "Output" choose the desired program, location, and name for the file.
Click "OK".
A format pop-up window will appear.
Choose the output format as desired.
Browse to where you want it saved and give it a file name.
Click "OK".
If you chose Excel it may ask if you want an "unformatted decimal value" or "convert to formatted text". Choose the desired format.
You can check "apply to all columns" if desired.
Click "OK".
Now you can go to that file and open it in the program you set it up for.

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