Thursday, October 05, 2006

Juggle 101: Part 2

I think it is time for part 2 on juggling. :) I know you all have been awaiting this with baited breath...hmmm...that would explain that odd smell. ;)

Alright, so now you have done your calculations, rounded up 3 rather symmetrical objects, and located a place to practice.

To begin, drop one ball on the floor. Now pick it up. Get used to this. A MAJOR portion of learning to juggle is picking up the balls you have dropped. That's why I suggest practicing over a couch.

What I am about to teach is called the 3 ball cascade. This is the basic form of juggling. Once you get the cascade down you can learn other tricks that build off of it.

Ok here we go:
Set 2 of the balls down. You will only need one to begin with. Start with a ball in one hand, it doesn't matter which hand. Place your hands about shoulder distance apart and approximately at your waist line. You will want to make an "infinity" or "figure 8 on it's side" pattern with your throws. This pattern is accomplished by tossing the ball from one hand to the other and then back again. AKA to get the ball from your left hand (LH) to your right hand (RH) your throw will form half of the infinity symbol. To get the ball back from your RH to your LH your throw will form the other half of the infinity symbol. When you toss the ball do it gently, in one plane (don't throw it away from yourself), and have it peak at about your eye level.

The higher you throw the ball the more time it buys you to react and catch it. But don't throw it so high that you lose control of it. As you throw, I suggest you use a sort of scooping motion. So you throw as your hand comes in towards the center of your body and you catch the ball towards the outside of your body. The scooping motion is in the same plane as the throws. Also, if you cushion or absorb some of the fall of the catch it makes the whole process a little smoother, and easier on your hands.

Now: throw, catch, pause, throw, catch, pause...repeat! Be patient and practice often. You need to get this pattern down. The other two balls will follow the same pattern, it's just the timing of when they are all thrown that creates the cascade pattern.

Hopefully at some point I can figure out how to get a picture on here and I will be able to illustrate the pattern a little more clearly.

Until then good luck! :)

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