Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1-line Pipe Rise/Drop Representation

As I continue to try to implement ABS 2007 there are things I hear about every day. This one I had to tap one of my "sources" (big shout out of thanks to my favorite "Pepper") to get me on the right track.

We were wanting to get the 1-line piping's rise and drop symbols to be "legible" at all times, no matter if it's a 3/4" dia or 6" dia pipe. OOTB it appears the the symbols scale with the size of the pipe.

So, you all can learn from my challenges....
Open up your template drawing.
(this will take care of future drawings, but you will have to go into your already created drawings and modify this there as well.)
Go to modelspace.
Click on "Format", and then "Style Manager".
You will see your template drawing listed there: Template.dwt (or whatever the drawing name)
Surf down "Piping Objects"/"Pipe rise drop symbols".
Since my pipes are set to use the "Pipe break-rise only" I will modify this one.
You will need to modify whichever one your pipes are affected by.
Click on the "Rise/Drop" tab.
Here is what I had to modify to show 10" dia symbols at all times:
Circular drop 1-line: under scale click on "Override scale", input: x=10, y=10, z=1
Circular rise 1-line: under scale click on "Override scale", input: x=10, y=10, z=10
Circular drop 1-line tee: left alone for now.

Anyway, that's where I stand at the moment, and it seems to be working...I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks!

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