Thursday, March 01, 2007

Turning Off Pipe Fitting Connectors

If your company is very specific on what can or can't be shown on your drawings some of the OOTB features for ABS are not desired. One of these particular items for my company is the connectors on pipe fittings for 1-line representation. Here is how to turn those off. Rest assured that the rise/drop/tee fittings still show up, this is just the connectors that come before/after the fitting.

Open up your template drawing.
This will take care of all future issues started off of the template, but you will have to open up any existing individual drawings and amend these settings as well.
Go to modelspace.
Go to Format/Display Manager/Representation by Object/Pipe fitting/
In my case the Display configuration I always use for piping is "Plan", so I will select "Plan".
Turn OFF the "connector", "connector-graphical", and "connector-hidden".
Also you may need to go under /Representation by Object/Pipe custom fitting/ as well.
Turn OFF the "connector", "connector-graphical", and "connector-hidden" here also.
Click "Apply" and then click "OK".

You may need to tweak this for your situation, but now you know where those pesky connectors are so you can turn them off if you need to.

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