Tuesday, April 10, 2007

.CTB's: Create, Edit, Map, & Convert

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I thought I would drop some information in concerning .ctb files. At my company we print based off of the .ctb as opposed to the .stb. Just as an explination: a ctb file is a color table. When a .ctb is utilized to print the lineweights are based off of the color. A .stb is a style based pen table. When you are using a .stb the lineweights are based off of the lineweight of the actual line, the color is irrelevant.

To create a new .ctb:
Go to C:\Documents & Settings\all users\Autodesk\ABS\enu\Plot styles
Copy the one you want to use as a template that has most of your layer keys loaded
Rename the copy you made
Double click and open it
This can be edited in either the form view or the table view
Screening = shading percent value (set all colors to 100%, set the shades to the % required)
Make sure if you are making a .ctb file that the "color" row is set to black instead of "use object color"
Also you can get to this via the control panel/autodesk plot style manager.

To edit a .ctb file:
Go to Windows Explorer.
Open this file: F:\HBEDT2k6\Plot Styles\HBE ADT-ABS.ctb
Click on the View tab.
Edit as required.
Click on the Save and Close button.

To map new a .ctb to ABS:
The new .ctb is here: F:\HBEDT2k6\Plot Styles\HBE ABS.ctb
You have to load this into your profile in order for it to apply to everyone.

To convert a .stb drawing to a .ctb drawing:
Once your drawing is started as a .stb you will not be able to print it properly using our .ctb file.
To convert it: type "convertpstyles" in the command line.
Set pstylemode = 0 ( for color dependent/.ctb mode)
It will give you a warning, say OK.

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