Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Remapping a Layer for an Individual Object

Good afternoon all!
I was going through my notes and discovered that I had not posted this little diddy.

Remapping a Layer for an Individual Object:
(This will load in a standard layer with all of its proper settings, even if the layer is not already in the drawing)
Go to the Format drop down menu.
Select "Layer Manager".
Select "Remap Object Layers".
Select the object or objects you want to change to one different layer.
Hit enter.
At the command line prompt it will ask for the Layer Key.
Either type in the layer key if you know it and hit enter,
OR type in a "?" and hit enter.
If you pull the command line window up you will be able to see all the layer keys that are possible and you can scroll through them.
You can either write down the layer key you need and type it back in
OR you can hold down the left click button to highlight the layer key you want, then hit the right click button and select copy.
Then left click once at the command line (to get the cursor back down there).
Now right click and select paste to drop in the layer key name you copied from the list above.
Hit enter.

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