Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cut Plane

Good afternoon all,
So sorry it has been quite awhile since I have gotten to post. I have been swamped after coming back from my training. I am attempting to get caught up so that I can dig in and start "fixing" and amending my set-up for my dept. It's quite a task ahead of me and many choices to make.

In the process I have had a couple of people telling me that when they xref in a structural drawing to look at the steel for their floor, they can't see it. Everything is turned on, but no steel.

It turns out that when I decided to use the OOTB cut plane for my display configuration it ended up cutting off before the steel showed up.

Anyway...enjoy the info listed below and hopefully I can get more posts out quicker in the coming days!

So, here's how to change your cut plane elevations:
Open up your template.
Go to modelspace.
Go to Format/Display Manager/Configurations/
Now choose the display configuration that you need to change the cut plane on.
For me it is "MEP Design".
Click once on it to select it.
In the right hand column click on the "Cut Plane" tab.
Here are the settings that I am going to use:
Display above range: 200'-0" (yes, this is huge, but if you knew how our dwgs were set-up, it would make more sense)
Cut height: 3'-6" (didn't change this one)
Display below range: 0" (didn't change this one)

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