Thursday, August 21, 2008

What version is this dwg saved as??

We are currently in the middle of so many different "working" versions of software it is sometimes difficult to figure out what version a drawing has been saved in.

Here's a handy way to find out:
Go to Windows Explorer
Surf to your dwg
Right click on the dwg
Choose "open with"
Choose wordpad or notepad
At the very top you will see "AC1021" or AC w/ some numbers after it
Here's the decoder ring:
(it's actually telling you what version number it is....they stopped using consecutive R version numbers and started using the year for the name of the product)
1023 = 2009
1022 = 2008
1021 = 2007
1020 = 2006
1019 = 2005
1018 = 2004...and so on
1014 = R14

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JTB World said...

Useful tip. Here is another tip if you want to see more information as a tooltip or infotip.