Friday, October 31, 2008

Juggle 101: Part 3

Juggle 101: Part 3
So you have mastered the one ball basic pattern right?? Excellent! Now it is on to adding the second ball. You can place the third ball in your pocket so when you drop one of the other balls you will not have to bend over to pick it up. Remember to stand in your now favorite place over a couch and close to a wall if possible. Also remember to make your throws to yourself, do not throw them away from you (I mean really, how are you going to catch something that you threw away?). Juggling occurs in one plane.

Same thing goes for the second ball as the first ball. You will start with one ball in each hand. Start with the first ball as you have before; toss it from your LH to your RH hitting that peak above your RH. Always follow the infinity pattern. When the first ball reaches the peak of the pattern (just above your RH) toss the second ball from your RH to your LH following the pattern. If you have successfully ended up with the opposite ball in each hand than when you started congratulations!

Now pause and watch out for this….Most people who try to learn to juggle panic when they have to start tossing the second (and eventually third) ball. A lot of the time they will just quickly chuck the ball into the opposite hand for the second throw and that is not the objective. You must always follow the infinity pattern, this is the backbone of the 3-ball cascade pattern.

The typical mantra for this stage of learning is: throw, throw, catch, catch. Feel free to chant it. It actually does help.

The true key to learning how to juggle is practice! So keep practicing!!


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