Monday, October 20, 2008

Warning Pop-up Update

Good morning Bloggers,

After initiating the pop-up warning for people opening any version below our current 2007 version we have had a lower rate of "oops" moments. I received feedback from the other departments and I have completely removed the "open" button. If someone really wants to overwrite the file they will have to go to the "saveas" and choose to overwrite it there.

The only flaw that I know of is that this will continue to pop-up and sometimes cause issues with the Publish command. Since 95% of the time we have to plot by window and can't use the Publish command on these old dwgs with the new plotter it is a moot point.

We had our reseller come in on Friday and do presentations on the 09 products for Arch and MEP and also discuss Revit (Arch, Struct, and MEP). Our company has some decisions to make as to which way they want to go and how soon.

Enjoy the fall season!

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