Thursday, August 06, 2009

ABS Snaps vs Osnaps with Duct and Pipe Commands

Anyone get annoyed that the ABS snaps don't come on automatically when you start your duct or pipe command? Anyone also run into the issue where you have your osnaps on and they override the ABS snaps and your duct or pipe is not actually connected?

Try this fun tip: It does work for the 2010 A-MEP software!! :D

Ok, I have a way that I have "forced" this on the duct and pipe commands on the palettes.
You'll have to check for your version of the software to find out for sure what the command is for turning on/off the MEP snaps is.
I made this for ABS07, you should be able to modify it for the upper versions (I hope).

I right clicked on the duct icon on the duct palette.
Choose "Properties".
Under "Basic" there's a command section.
Click in the command section.
Here's what I have: AECBOSMODE 1023 OSMODE 0 ^C^C_AecbDuctAdd
If you use a value of 1023 for AECBOSMODE it will turn them all on.
I set OSMODE to 0 so all of the osnaps are turned off.

I made a separate "hotkey" to turn the MEP snaps back off and turns on a select few Osnaps.
Here's what I have for that key: AECBOSMODE 0 OSMODE 135
Only issue with can't use the hotkeys while you're in the middle of a command.
You have to remember to use them before you initiate the command.

There is a good discussion on Autodesk's Discussion Groups about this.
I have posed this same info there as well: Autodesk MEP Discussion Group Issue Link

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