Friday, August 21, 2009

Creating Automatic Gap on Crossed Lines

This is for our basic lines/arcs/circles friends out there.
Sometimes we have to isometric or schematic sketches and need to use ye old lines/arcs/circles commands. When they cross I'd like to have a standard gap created so that from drafter to drafter they will look the same.

Thanks to a fantastic person on the Autodesk Discussion Groups (Big shout out of thanks to Mep09Developer !!!!) I now have a snappy little tool to do this.

First I will give the lisp code, and then I will tell you how I pushed it into a button/drop down in the cui.


Lisp file (Again....huge thanks to Mep09Developer!!!):

;;; C:GAPLINE - creates gaps at line intersections so that one of the lines remains unchanged
;;; From
;;; By "Mep09Developer" on 08-10-09

(defun C:GL (/ gap intpt gapent circle)
(prompt "GAP LINE")
(while 'T
(setq gap 4
intpt (osnap (getpoint "\nSpecify intersection point: ") "INT")
(if intpt
(setq gapent (car (entsel "\nPick entity to gap: ")))
(setvar "CMDECHO" 0)
(command "CIRCLE" intpt gap)
(command "TRIM" (setq circle (entlast)) "" (list gapent intpt) "")
(command "ERASE" circle "")
(setvar "CMDECHO" 1)
(prompt "\n")

Info to get it onto a drop-down or button in the cui, use "/" for the file path name, the file name for the lisp was called "GapLine2":

^C^C(load "[file location]/Support/GapLine2");(C:GL);

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