Friday, March 23, 2007

Dimensions: Modification of Text Output

Good morning bloggers!
Here is just a helpful tip...some of you may know this already, but some of you may not. I come from the old school of learning that involved typing commands. I remembered there was a way to force a dimension to enter to the next line thereby creating 2 lines of text for a dimension. Since I began my ABS path I have not had to do 2 lines or more of dimension text. It turns out that "\X" still works, however I had the unique situation of needing 3 lines of text. To get this I learned that you type in "\P" at each point that you want a new line created. Here is the more specific run through of how to modify and create multiple lines of text in a dimension. Keep in mind if you are wanting to keep the dimension that is measured type this in: "<>". By the way, the capitalization of the "P" and the "X" is important.

Dimensions: Modification of Text Output:
If you want to modify the information that is in a dimension click once on the dimension to select it.
Go to the Properties palette.
Scroll down to the "Text" section.
Under "Text override" you can type in anything you want.
If you need 2 lines you can type in the information for the first line then type "\X" and then type in the next line.
If you need more than 2 lines, type in the info for the first line then type "\P" at the beginning of each new line.
You can use the "\P" for a double line as well if you would like instead of the "\X".
Then just hit "enter" once you have everything typed in there.
You may have to hit "esc" to unselect your dimension text.
You may need to move/align your dimension text.


KyleB said...

Keep up the great work! I've been following this blog for a while, and I can see that you're really in deep with AutoCAD MEP implementation.

I know you from support cases with the Support Team, and I'm glad that you've done so well with everything.

My only recommendation is to add some multimedia along with your excellent guides for processes. My experience with these things had taught me that people respond best to images/videos. Get yourself a copy of Camtasia and keep on documenting these ideas.

The community needs these sorts of places to go to guide them to success from the AutoCAD world. I know you can do it.

Kyle B

Ab said...

Thanks Kyle! :)
You've definitely helped me out of a couple of jams in the past. It's good to hear that you are enjoying my blog.

When I get a chance I definitely want to look into posting pics and such on the blog. Since I've never done any html coding/blogging before this is a learning expereince as well.

Have a great day!