Wednesday, September 05, 2012

R-MEP 2012: Reloading Links Not Automatic with Syncing

Let's start off with a little Revit tid-bit that seems to surprise people a lot. ...And by surprise I mean irritate and disappoint.

Many of you are past CAD users. You are used to having to go reload your cad file backgrounds manually. You are also probably used to seeing a pop-up in the lower right-hand corner that tells you your cad file background (aka xrefs) are out of date and you need to reload them.

Revit (atleast 2012) does not work that way. There is no pop-up to tell you your links need to be reloaded. Ok, I get it, Revit isn't CAD so we shouldn't make too many comparisons. The part that surprises many people is if you have File Sharing set up and you are working in a Local copy and you Synch with Central, it does *not* reload any of the files you have linked to your model. Nope. It just doesn't happen. I have watched several people when I tell them to reload my model (separate file than the file they are working in) into their model and all they do is go to Sync with Central and they are surprised when they do not see my updates. You *have* to go to Manage Links and Reload from there. Synching with Central will *never* reload the Links.

I have found I do this so much (due to constant changes) that I added the Manage Links button to the Quick Access Toolbar at the very top. { I also threw the Reload Latest (for Synch with Central), Synch with Central, Align, and Spell Check buttons up there as well. }

So there you have it. If you can't figure out why you are not seeing the latest and greatest of the Linked files...make sure you've actually Reloaded them. On the flip side of that...make sure the file you are reloading had been Synch'ed with Central before you reload it, otherwise only that person's Local file has the changes in it and no-one can access them.

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