Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Wow, Even Longer Time No Post, Eh?

Wow...so contrary to what you all might think, I have not forgotten I had a blog. It just seems that everything I do these days does not really replay to why I initiated this blog. I'm well into the Revit-MEP side of things these days. I've set up and built content for R-MEP 2011 and am using 2012. Word on the street is we might be upgrading to R-MEP 2013 in the next couple of months if all goes well. I'm also at a different job now. No longer a CAD Manager in title. I'm a "Mechanical Engineer" by title (and degree for that matter). I usually embrace the more IT/Technical side of myself than the Mech Eng side.

So...what should I do with my little blog now?

Wonder if i can swap out the name of it to something a little more appropriate to what I do these days?

Perhaps it won't take me another year and 8mos to post again?

In the mean time, you all be good to yourselves and others!!

Maybe I'll bump elbows with you at AU 2012!!! :D

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