Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Speed ABS Up!

To go along with fixing fatal errors, why not tweak ABS to run faster?
As with all changes I suggest you test these out before issuing them to your whole dept/company.

ABS Speed: Connection to Verisign.com/Firewall:
((I found this while perusing various sites...I would give credit, but I can't remember where I got it.))
Even if you disable the Communication Center it may still try to connect to Verisign.com.
This remains active so the Publisher’s Certificate Revocation security option can be verified.
To prevent further communication with Verisign.com:
Go to the Start button.
Select “Settings”.
Select “Control Panel”.
Double-click on the Internet Options icon.
If Windows XP is not set to “Classic View”, you need to click the “Network and Internet Connections” icon in the Control Panel first.
The “Internet Options” pop-up will appear.
Click on the “Advanced” tab.
Scroll down to the “Security” section.
Uncheck/unselect the “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation”.
Then click the “Apply” button
Then click the “Ok” button.
Close out of everything and reboot your computer.
Once rebooted open ABS up.
Type “Options” at the command line.
Go to the “Open and Save” tab.
Set “Incremental save percentage” to “0”.
Uncheck the “Display digital signature information” check box at the bottom left.
Under “File Safety Precautions” click on the “Security Options” button.
Click on the “Digital Signature” tab.
A pop-up should appear stating “No valid digital IDs (certificates) are installed on this system….”
This tells you that it is not using the digital signatures, which is what we wanted to do.
Click on the “Cancel” button.
Click on the “Cancel” button again.
Click “Apply”.
Click “Ok”.

ABS Speed: Communication Center Settings:
While inside of ABS double click on the communication center (satellite icon on the bottom right).
Click on the “settings” button.
Go to the “settings” tab.
Under “country/region” select “United States”.
Under “check for new content” select “On demand”.
Leave the check mark on the “enable balloon notification…”.
Go to the “channels” tab.
Select ONLY the “Live update maintenance patches” box; unselect all other choices.
Click “Apply”.
Click “Ok”.
Close the communication center via the “x” button.

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