Monday, July 28, 2008

Fatal Errors & Fixes

As we all know Fatal Errors are just about the most annoying errors you can get....not only does what you were trying to do get killed, your entire session of ABS dies with it as well.

Here are some Fatal Errors and FIXES (wahoo) that I have found to work for my dept.

Fatal Error: 3D Orbit or Visual Style Change:
This one I found very very effective.
Either when starting the 3D orbit command or attempting to change visual styles you get a fatal error such as:
AutoCAD Error Aborting
Fatal Error: Unhandled e06d7363h Exception at 7c812a5bh
Type “VIEWRES” at the command line.
Hit “enter” or “y” for yes, when prompted for Fast Zooms.
Enter “100” when prompted for Circle Zoom Percent, and hit enter.
Originally mine was set to 10000.

Fatal Error: Opening or Closing a Dwg:
This one noticeably sped things up on our computers.
Either when opening or closing a drawing file you get a fatal error or an unhandled exception.
One reason may be due to the digital signature feature.
Do not change this unless your drawing is having issues.
Go to Windows Explorer.
Surf to where your drawing is located.
Right click on the drawing file.
Choose “Enable/Disable Digital Signature Icons”.
Uncheck/unselect the “Validate digital signatures and display special icons” box.
Reboot your computer.

Fatal Error: Saving:
Either when hitting the save button, going to File/Save, or Autosave you get a fatal error such as this:
Fatal Error: Unhandle Access Violation Writing 0x7bf6c4c9 exception at 78144d7ch
Right click on the command line.
Choose “Options”.
Go to the “Open and Save” tab.
Go to the “Incremental Save Percentage” and set it to “0”.
Click “Ok”.

Fatal Error: Loading a Dwg:
The drawing takes a long time to load.
Once you get the drawing open go to modelspace.
Select all of the 3D solids/objects in your drawing.
Right click and choose “Properties”.
Go to the “Solid History” drop down list and choose “None”.
Save the drawing.
Also you may try adjusting this system variable:
At the command line type “Solidhist”.
Initially mine is set to “1”.
Change it to “0”. (This will mean that no history is retained).

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