Friday, July 25, 2008

Make them run better, faster, more effecient

One of the things that I have recently done to help my department is update their computers.
If you have the latest and greatest updates to your software and hardware you will have less problems and therefore a happier user.

There are a couple of things you can do to help their equipment work better for them.

1) Get the hotfixes that will take care of some of their everyday issues. Be sure that you back up everything before replacing/changing anything. Also, don't do a bunch at one time or on everyone's computers. Start with a test computer or two and see how their stuff runs for a week or so, then implement it to the rest of the department. Be sure to get the free Object Enablers if you are working in ACAD or ADT and want to see ABS objects correctly! Here are some links to the hotfixes we have used:
For ABS 2007: (Scroll down to Autodesk® Building Systems 2007)

Object Enablers/etc:

For ADT 2007: (Scroll down to Autodesk® Architectural Desktop 2007)

Object Enablers/etc:

For Civil 3D:

For LandDesktop:

2) Update their video drivers. This is a graphic intensive program, lots of video card drivers are getting continual updates to function better with upgraded software.

3) Clean their computers. Remove all the .tmp, .bak, .ac$, .sv$, and internet cookies. Defrag....I know there are several schools of thought on this, but I am a huge proponent of doing a disc defrag atleast once a month, if not once a week. Also the disc clean up is a good thing to run as well. There are many freeware programs out there that you can use to help clean up computers. Don't forget to empty that recycle bin...what good does it do to delete it if you don't actually empty out the trash?

4) Investigate freeware tune up utilities that are out there. I have worked with one of our IT guys to find out what are the best programs to use and what our company wants used.

Hope to drop in more tips soon!

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